discriminationAdvocates for Victims of Employment Discrimination, Racism, or Sexual Harassment in the workplace

The Corporate Whistleblower Center offers assistance victims of workplace discrimination, or sexual harassment in he workplace provided it involves a major employer, or a Corporate 500 employer.

According to the federal government Workplace discrimination can occur in:

  • recruiting and selecting staff
  • terms, conditions and benefits offered as part of employment
  • who receives training and what sort of training is offered
  • who is considered and selected for transfer, promotion, retrenchment or dismissal

According to the federal government Sexual Harassment in the workplace can include behavior such as:

  • Sending explicit or sexually suggestive emails
  • Displaying offensive or pornographic posters or screen savers
  • Asking intrusive questions about someone’s personal life, including their sex life.
  • Is your boss, or manager inviting you to after work drinks, or overnight business trips that are unnecessary, or unwarranted with the explicit invitation being something more than work? 

If you have information about work place discrimination, sexual harrasment, racism or any other issue that affected or is affecting your ability to climb the corporate ladder please contact us & tell us your story. We are committed to justice & equality in the work place. Every situation involving workplace discrimination, racism at work, or workplace sexual harassment varies and we are committed to making certain the victim has the best possible legal resources, or consulting services to ensure the wrongdoing is not repeated.