Corporate Tax FraudTax Fraud – Money Laundering

Tax fraud, or money laundering in the United States involves hundreds of billions of dollars per year. There can be significant rewards for information related to this type of wrongdoing however the potential whistleblower must have well documented proof, and the whistleblower must have the nation’s most experienced lawyers, or consultants to guide them to their potential reward.
The specific areas of focus for this initiative include:
  • Large scale money laundering operations involving auto dealerships, contractors, night clubs.
  • Large corporations committing tax fraud by claiming non existent tax deductions on their federal, or state tax returns.
  • A bank, or financial institution intentionally not reporting deposits that exceed $10,0000
  • Shell companies, or corporations used to launder money

The Corporate Whistle Blower Center says, “the IRS has a very special program for corporate executives, accountants, or individuals with specific, and provable information about significant tax fraud. The IRS tax fraud program differs slightly from the Qui Tam reward programs, or the shareholder fraud reward programs covered in the Dodd Frank Consumer Protection Act.” For more information please call the Corporate Whistle Blower Center anytime at 866-714-6466.