84770f_691231360282da7ea8eb214b81065cc9.jpg_srz_294_374_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Get Rewarded for What You Know

The Federal Government and many US States offer rewards for proof of over billing a government agency for services never rendered, such as Medicaid fraud. The laws that typically cover federal whistleblower reward programs are called Qui Tam. In the instance of shareholder fraud, these laws are administered by the US Securities & Exchange Commission. Typically, federal income tax evasion or tax fraud falls under the jurisdiction of the US Internal Revenue Service.

How most US Federal or State Whistle Blower programs work: The information has to be fresh, new and otherwise not previously disclosed.  The information has to be substantial and easy to prove. Substantial proof includes accounting records, e-mails, documents, etc. Suspecting wrongdoing will probably not qualify you for a federal or state whistle blower reward. You have to be able to prove it and the proof has to be easy to understand or see. Federal whistleblower reward programs are designed to reward an individual or individuals with proof the government has been billed for services never rendered or for wrongdoing involving a company providing services to the government. Gross reward amount start at about 15% and can increase to 30% if the whistleblower and their attorneys litigate the case in behalf of the government. For a whistleblower reward to be worthwhile for the whistleblower or whistleblowers,  a contractor’s/company’s wrongdoing should exceed one million dollars in over-billing the government or fraud.

Important Note: If you have significant proof of corporate shareholder fraud, Medicare or Medicaid fraud, major corporate tax fraud or over billing a federal, or state agency, Do not go to the Media or The Government.  First-Call Us at 866-714-6466. In many instances if you go public with your information, you have just eliminated your possibility for a reward or you have just put yourself at risk. 

If you have significant proof, that is fresh, unreported and of high quality, we will help assemble a team of the best whistle blower law firms in the nation to assist you, and all conversations are strictly confidential.